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September 15, 2008



these images are GORGEOUS!!!!!


What a cutie! Love that lip one too!


those little lips are perfect! beautiful!

Mary T

FABULOUS as always Nona!!! What an adorable little girl and I just love your favorite!

mariana sabido

I just loved your work. Your pictures are amazing and they touch my heart.
I do the same kind of work has you in portugal, you can see it www.mae360.blogspot.com
Hope to see more and more of your images.


I love that one too, just perfect!


beautiful work Nona.. just beautiful, hope all is well


those little lips??!!!

get out... too cute!


That mouth picture is simply wonderful, W!

Amanda Andrews

Stunning! Those sweet lips are TDF!

Angela Crutcher

I really enjoy visiting your blog. Your images are breath taking!

Look at those sweet little lips! I can see why that shot is your favorite!

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