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March 13, 2008



These are FABULOUS! That's blanket was just perfect for the shoot!


Incredible! These are unreal! I love your new blanket..... it's a perfect pop of color against the coolness of the snow and mountains. LOVE THEM! I'm glad I don't have to decide too, LOL!


Absolutely breathtaking.


That last one's a killer shot, I faved the other version on Flickr!


how beautiful ;). and, how perfectly sweet. -c


Beautiful Wynona! The last image is really gorgeous.. what beautiful children!


that is a gorgeous blanket, nona! perfect for the location, really. i do love the last black and white shot...so sweet. great set of images =]


OMG wow, These are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the last two, both color and black and white!


These really speak to my emotions. The blanket really is perfect. I do love both color and bw. I think the black and white is my fav!


Wow! Those last 2 are so great! :)


This looks like it was an amazing session.. beautifully done.


these. are. amazing.


wow. that is about all I can say. wow!
(stumbled onto your blog a while ago, love your photography, amazing!)


Stunning. Absolutely stunning. It speaks to America.


These are breathtaking photos. Sounds like you worked to get them - but boy, it must be so rewarding to get home and see these shots on your screen - totally worth it! Beautiful!


I LOVE these Nona!! Gorgeous!! I need to see snow LOL...love the color....wow babe!


Positively lovely, I love how you captured the moment as they share a secret or a joke. Very beautiful!

Rachel Brooke

That last shot is heavenly! You can see the beams coming from the sun...very pretty.

captured by carrie | photography

oh burrr! love the *warm* colors of the blanket!


I had no idea you were this absolutely fabulous artist. Seriously your photography is AMAZING. It looks like your boys are growing fast! How fun. I can't even tell you how gorgeous I think these pictures are.


Wynona! How great it is to see your pictures! I saw this blog on Kim's and had to take a look. I know I just added you on facebook, but I am embarrased at how behind that account it. I love this site, your pictures are amazing! I hope you are doing great!

mrs. french

So, so beautiful. I would have to choose one of each.


Stunning! It looks like a fun shoot!

kristin cook

Absolutely stunning!!! gorgeous,gorgeous!

Tracy Adams

Lovely work! I love the color against the snow.

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