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December 16, 2008



I'm a lurker on your blog. I have been for a while, but I have to respond to this post.

What a great kid! I don't know if you are a religious person, but one of my favorite hymns is the second verse of "Sunshine in my Soul". The second verse says, "There is music in my soul today. A carol to my King. And Jesus listening can hear the song I can not sing." I have no doubt the music of his soul can be heard by anyone around him that takes the time to listen.

I love his name too.


He is beautiful...those eyes!

One of the miracles of parenthood is learning the heart of another person so intimately...and from the day they are born the journey begins- verbal language has nothing to do with it. What a privelege~


What a beautiful and heartwarming post. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us. Your son is a treasure for sure, and your photograph of him is truly wonderful. Thank you.


If you haven't already, read Edgar Sawtelle. http://www.edgarsawtelle.com/ It's a beautiful story about a mute boy and his relationship with his dog. How he communicates with the dogs, how he feels and understand.

I just finished it this weekend and am still spellbound.


I keep writing and deleting my comment because I really don't know what I am wanting to say besides what a sweet little boy. I wasn't expecting to be so moved by this post, but your words are beautiful. I love the connection between a child and their parents, and even more so that you know what he is feeling and wanting to say, simply from a look in his eyes. Very precious.


I've never heard of this syndrome before, but as I am french, I can't help but smile at the name of this syndrome: "le syndrome du Cri du Chat". I find it quite poetic.
Anyway, the picture of your son is really beautiful !

Rachel Absher

Thank you for sharing this. He is such a beautiful boy and it makes my heart happy to hear these stories about him.


I keep retyping this..not sure how to get what I feel across to you. I love this story of your son and he is so very beautiful in every way possible. Thank you so much for sharing this with us..with me. These images are precious..he is so very lucky to have such an amazing mother that loves him and understands him and is so thoughtful about his condition. You are amazing girl!

brooke schwab

beautiful. i don't know how hard it must be to try to understand your sons needs when he can not speak. you have captured your sons love in these photos. i am in awe.


Beautifully written, Wynona.


Your words were so clear and lovely....thanks for sharing...and introducing us to Gid. What beautiful insight to spread around. I feel grateful...to have that tiny glimpse .


I think that he is really lovely <3

Laurinda Alves

Thank you Wynona for your words, for your photos and for your generosity. Your son is beautiful and you touched my heart with this post. The way you speak about the way Gideon talks and comunicates is so iluminating and tender that I couldn't resist to write some words in my blog. I posted your photos and words in my portuguese blog (www.laurindaalves.blogs.sapo.pt)and I thank you for making my day today. I'm a journalist, I've been director of a parentig news magazine and I've written a lot about genetic disorders and other disorders. My mother always worked with handicaped children and I know some particular circumstances concerning these particular 'issues'. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful world! Big hug. LA


OH, he is just so sweet.


Very Good Photos. Great from Germany.


Gideon is such a wonder, to everyone who is lucky enough to meet him. I remember how snugly he was in my arms. You are blessed to have him and he is blessed to have such a loving mother like you.

Carol Medina

oh... so sweet... Gideon is lucky to be your son but you are more luck to be his mom... And you have a musician in your house!!! : )

I'm from Brazil and my baby boy Heitor has cleft lip and palate too (His twin brother, Dante, didn't). He did your first surgery and was pretty good...

Your photos are simply wonderful.. congratulations for your work. How you guys (from US) can getty this wonderful light???

If, one day, you come to Brazil, tell in the site because I want to make my family's album with you... heeheheheh... : )

This is our site:

Carol Medina

nicole pitts

Wow his face is so expressive and gorgeous, I would have hard time telling him no to anything ;) I can see he is very loved and look forward to seeing him grow on your blog, now that i have found it!

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