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December 17, 2008



he's a beautiful kid and those are beautiful pictures.


What an incredible boy and an incredible mama... thanks for sharing with us (LOL@ the 'trouble' definition ;) )


thank you for expounding and sharing.


What a beautiful boy you have! Thanks for sharing his story with us. I love your photography and plan to hire you to take my family pictures in the near future.

Paula O'Hara

Hi Wynona
Just added you to the list of inspirational photographers on my blog. It's long overdue. You are inspirational as a photographer but as this post proves you are also very inspirational as a human being.

anna fowler


Thanks for sharing this. I find it so interesting to learn about various conditions, especially if they are related/tied at all to a cleft. His cry was so cute. Does he still cry like that? Your boys are dolls.

Merry Christmas!


I love it when you talk about Gideon. I can feel your love for him through your writing. xoxo


Just lovely....the photos and your boys...

Do you want to take pictures in Portugal? LOL ...my husband also takes pictures (rvilhena.com) but your colors are amasing!

:) kiss


He is so beautiful....

thank you for sharing these pieces of you and your family.

Tara Marie

Gideon is just so precious.......and like you, I'm just amazed at genetics.

Hoping you have a Blessed New Year.


WOW...what an amazing mom to study and understand your son's condition! Your children are BEAUTIFUL, just like their parents. I think it has been over an hour that I have just looked at your FUN pictures..I sure wish you lived closer! You will always have a place to stay if you want to visit Virginia =)

jen downer

i can so relate to so much you wrote here, nona.
sam was also so very calm and happy when he was a baby... and now he's like a hurricane. constant vigilance is always neccessary...
for example, he JUST dumped an entire pot of coffee all over the kitchen because he was in there by himself for 15 seconds!
anyhoooo... sorry i got distracted there for a second!
i just want you to know that
i hear you
you are not alone
even though it might seem that way sometimes
i know it does for me...

with love,

nicole schofield

hi i love your potograph

nicole schofield

hi my name is Sarah and Nicole and we wanted to say how much we love your photograph! Sarah wants to be just like you

Mim O

Just started following your blog after checking out your stream on Flickr. What a gorgeous little lad you have, and oh my your love for him and his mischief radiate from your words :) Looking forward to reading more and checking our your stream some more too. M x


I am in the middle of reading The Girl With No Shadow, in which a character has cri du chat. Curious about the condition, which I'd never heard of before, I Googled, and found myself here on your blog. Our children, every unique one of them, are our greatest treasure and our greatest teachers.
Your photography is wonderful!

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