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December 15, 2008



Wynona, I am a photographer and I *LOVE* your work and have been a blog stalker for quite some time! I am going to be in UT visiting family Dec 20th -28th and I would *LOVE* to collaborate with you for a photo session while I'm there. Why should you pick me???Because I'm easy to work with and completely open to the artistic process of letting you create some fun images that you have in your head. In short, I'm game for anything! :-) I would love to have some creative, fun and artistic shots for my blog. Thanks for your consideration!


Hi Holly, will you send that to me via email?


wish i lived closer!!!


I would love it if our family could brave the elements for a winter wonderland session... but it would not necessarily need to be free of charge (you know, I have a Wynona certificate burning a hole in my wallet).


what an awesome opportunity! I just sent you an email. Thanks so much.

Shannon Martinez

these are breath taking.


the email is on it's way soon. beautiful session above.


Hi Wynona!
I am a photog (though I feel like a wannabe compared to you!) and I love your work. I love your non traditional approach to photography, and your creativity. Your photos are very unique, yet they have a very classic feel. My favorite combination. I would love to be considered for any of your shoots. Thanks! I'm sending you an E-mail riiight.. now.


Sharon Carpenter

Hey nona. darick and i will be in SLC area (highland) the first week of February, and we would LOVE a winter shoot. When you grow up in newport, you learn to appreciate how pretty snow is:) Hopefully we get to see you at christmas!

sarah r

hi Wynona!
i just came across your blog and have to say your work is INCREDIBLE!! i would love to answer your casting call, but i don't live in the area... darn, but my brother and his cute family do! i just passed on the info to them and hope my sil will email you soon. don't know if you are still accepting requests for this opportunity, but it's worth a shot! thanks for the fabulous inspiration!

Melese Miller

So it may be unlikely that you'll ever read this comment given that it's about half way down your blog page, but I just thought you should know (from one photographer to another) that you have inspired me. Your family sessions have so much life in them, which is so refreshing considering that traditional family sessions are the reason I've been avoiding that part of portraiture for quite some time. I love finding new ways of doing shoots so thank you thank you thank you for the breath of fresh air and new ideas.



Your work is wonderful!!! Amazinggg!


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