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November 22, 2008



oh my gosh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh. these are stunning, each and every one of them. and i see so much of you in your sister. stunning, my friend.


Wow! Your sister is so beautiful and radiant! The whole family looks adorable! <3


these are outstanding! I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE IMAGES! You guys look alike...so cute!! ;)


Oh, Wynona....these just take my breath away. They are so soft, loving, and beautifully seen. Lucky sister!! :-)

Sarah Turner

These are absolutely perfect! I love them!


these are absolutely gorgeous, Wynona.


so beautiful... at loss for words...


wow.. gorgeous!
I can relate to you, I come from a family of 12! :) fun fun!


ok, first, do all 16 of your siblings look exactly like you?! that's one strong family resemblance you've got going there.

and second, is every single one of your siblings a good photographer too?

Amanda K

OMG I thought your sister was one of the kids at first.. she is stunning and so young looking. GORGEOUS shots, you work magic :)


Thank you, everyone! I truly love these images, too.

Rik, my biological siblings and I look quite alike as far as we've been told. I think we look similar, but definitely not identical. Then again, I don't think I look thirteen, but strangers remind me that my persectiveis skewed regularly. 6 of my siblings are adopted, 3 from Russia and 3 from Ethiopia, so we don't look alike.

Only two of my sisters are also photographers, though some of the younger kids have been trying their hand at it. My youngest sister told me that's what she wants to be when she grows up. :)

sara baldwin

wynona - so pretty... my favorite is the b&w set of the 2 girls together... gorgeous.

i'm in town this week. email me if you're available to hang out! would love to see you this time :)



these are beautiful!

Mary T

I just love your colors Wynona. No one does colors like you do. These are beautiful!
And yes, your sis looks very much like you.
Get on LLP and check out the get-together going on the 19th!
Joanna Taylor is organizing it.
I'm trying to get my dh to go and I'd love to get a chance to chat.

rachel brooke

This is by far some of the most beautiful light I have seen in a LONG time. Wow, I think these are breathtaking..


these are so beautiful! where is this location at?


absolutely stunning family.. Your sister and her family are gorgeous.


wow these are beautfiul!


Des portraits plus beaux les uns que les autres, félicitations !


It is so great to see some new stuff from you! These images are so light and beautiful and glowing and stunning! As is your sister. As are you! ;-)

beth feigner

seriously...these are some of the most beautiful images ever! you are quite the artist, and an inspiration! thank you for sharing!


I had gotten your message that you were thinking about what pictures to put on your blog, but with all my tests, I didn't stop to come and look until just now.


I love them. I think I am the luckiest sister ever. Thank you, thank you. You captured our little family perfectly. The photographs show each personality and reflect exactly what I love about each person.

Again, thank you.


Those are truly amazing. The colors and background and, well, everything!! Fantastic job.
-shaina weber nunnelly

denise bovee

Wynona! these are beautiful! ...really amazing!

Elizabeth Salib

Oh my goodness. That image 3rd from the bottom... I'm convinced that that child is the most beautiful little girl in the world.

Nona your entire family is so beautiful..

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