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November 20, 2008



congrats (again) on the house! sooo exciting. =] we bought a pre-1900s house, but it has been redone a lot so it's lost a lot of its original charm.

i looked at your sister's site...holy cow, if that picture on her contact page is her, she could be your twin! it actually made me stop and stare for a moment. =]


i would LOVE if you blogged everyday~
but I can see why books, games, helicopter seeds and leaves take precedence.

these images are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! that sweet lil' girl imitating you is PRECIOUS! love those boys too! amazing shoot!!!!


congratulations on the new home!
I am certainly glad you have returned, considering I became a fan shortly before your departure.
welcome home and back.


Rik, yes that is my sister on her contact page. Just wait til my next post pictures of yet another sister. I've been told we look quite alike. Hope you are well.

Carin, I'd promise to blog every day, but I know that would be broken within a week. I never have any idea what to blog about! Any ideas? :)

Heather, good to meet you! I love the simplicity of your website. It lets your pictures shine!

Mary T

hi there!

so glad to see that you are still around and kicking!
we haven't chatted for a while but being busy is good, huh?
a new house is so fun. Congrats!
gorgeous images as usual.
we should get together sometime.


Okay, I'm a dork. I post that I have too much to blog about and then that I don't know what to blog about. I guess I meant that I don't know whether I should be more personal and post about my kids/life, or if I should post more business related stuff (client images and tips for photographers)? Both?

Hey Mary, I'd love to plan a get together, but I'm never sure when or how to make it work. If any other SLC area photogs want to help me plan, I'd love to do something.


Congratulations on your new home (again)!
Your images are so beautiful - as always!
My fave is the car-shot and the cute little girl above.
I'm a bad blogger too - but I will get a new blog soon - and then (I hope) everything will change and I will post constantly. :)

Maybe it is a good idea to post 50% business and 50% personal stuff - I will do so.
You can blog about your new home, a day in your life or in your kids life - information about your working space, your equipment.
Interesting will be the way you like to work at a photoshooting - behind the camera. The way you motivate your clients, during the shooting. Funny things that happend during the shooting. What is your inspiration, where do you get your inspiration from.
Photoshoptips for photographers - tips for photocomposition. The way you like to compose your photos.
Maybe there is something you can make use of.

o- sorry for my terrible english ... :(
Greetings from Germany

Kayleen T.

Wow these are beautiful pictures! I love the one of the boys walking up the hill/mountain. It's like a scene from a movie, one that I would definitely wanna see.

beth feigner

beautiful! i check your blog often, and when it's been awhile, look what i find...so many new things to see! congrats on your new home, sounds like dream! we are in a late 90's "ranch" style, but i'm always trying to add character, as a early 1900's home is my dream! do you have original hard wood floors? i might be jealous if you do:)


Congrats on the house. I want to see a few pictures. We bought a house just barely as well, and it's done wonders for our family feeling "settled" here. I just love Gideon. I love the name so much. It's my brother's name and he is very special to me.

Ron Hildebrand

Hi Wynona. I ran across your blog recently, and had to post this, as I just love your work! I've actually kept a browser window open with your site for a couple of days so I could return when I had time to look a bit more.

What you're doing has a wonderfully informal look, but is well polished despite that informality. (And believe me, off and on, I've looked at a lot of photographer's blogs, many giving a decent sampling of the owner's work, since last week!)

But I must say, your clients are very lucky to have you, Winona...which I'm sure they must realize!

Just to give a bit of context, I'm a photographer a little to the west of you in Nevada, and despite swearing to myself that I'd never have a blog, decided that, instead of adding little graphics and links here and there on the primary Web site, a blog was the best way to handle "other than" stuff ("other than" images, that is) in a fairly well organized and topical manner for my senior photography. It's also a way to drive more folks straight to the senior's section, and hopefully avoid the main section that is waaaaaay outdated!

So, to learn more of how others are making use of their blogs (offering feeds, allowing comments, section divisions, etc), I've been following blog links, but I enjoyed your work so much I had to comment!

Ron Hildebrand
Reno/Sparks NV

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