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May 08, 2008



It sounds fantastic and I would love to come. Unfortunately I am going out of town that day. Please let me know if you do this again.


ah man...i'd be there except i don't think i have a way to make it out to salt lake on such short notice. kansas is just so far away from where i want to be sometimes. =\

have fun, though! it's sounds like it'll be great.


i think i can come!!! sounds like a lot of fun... i will probably bring my 3 yr old and leave the 1 yr old with my hubby... i'm excited to meet you:-)


Shoot Nona! I have 2 shoots on Saturday otherwise I'd drop my plans and come hang out. I hope you all have fun! Maybe next time :)


I've got stuff in the morning but I am free later. I'd love to come!


Sounds like a fun day. Would love to be there if it works into the busy Saturday. Would also love to meet you.

Angela Monson

Oh man, I have Mother's day plans! I would have loved to come. Next time I guess. We are having another get together in June sometime you should come. I haven't seen or talked to you since Skye's workshop, seems like you have been a busy girl! Love your haircut by the way.


Michelle Delgado

Sounds like a great time but I too am far away so will not be able to attend. I wish though.

Happy Mothers Day to you!


I have your beautiful prints on board, and your little S's hat still to bring back. I am a waterskiing widow this weekend, but would love to join with my kids and my point and shoot. Email me if you get this message, and would like me to be there with your loot.


Hi! I just found your blog. If you ever do this again I'd love to hear about it because I know of a decent size group that would be interested in coming. You could contact me on the contacts page of my website www.DigitalScrapbookMemories.com

I hope it went well for you. Sounded like a neat thing. You have gorgeous photography.

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