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April 25, 2008



you are totally rockin that pixie cut, it definitely suits you :) hope you enjoy your trip to Phoenix. I'd love to see more shots with your new Lensbaby..i am so tempted to get one. Well off to bed, it is way too late here in NY...

Joanna Taylor

I love this series of your new 'do!

Jennifer Adams

oh I love the 4 pic collage, lovin that hair style, just beautiful girl!


holy cow, nona, you rock that new do! and "pixie" is totally how i would describe it. hot stuff!

Angela Monson

o wow, i love your new hair!

Leah Simmers

Just wanted to drop in and tell you your work is spectacular, wish teh workshop was longer this weekend so I could have come out of my shell and met everyone!


Wynona, you have been TAGGED!!! See my blog for details...

Not that you aren't busy enough, but I haven't heard from you lately. How are you, anyway? I LOVE the new do! (you look a little older then 12 now - hee hee! ;)


I want a lensbaby.. asked for one for my birthday so fingers crossed on that .. cant wait to see what you did with it.. and Love your new haircut its perfect on you.


It is so very cute, Nona. Your hair just looks great any which way you wear it.


It is so very cute, Nona. Your hair just looks great any which way you wear it.

Brittney Hess

O my Gosh! I love your haircut!! It was cool to see Jared for a few minutes a few weeks ago--good luck with all your photo stuff-your pics are great.

Darcie Radtke

I love your hair! OMG, it is so cute, I was thinking about cutting my hair short like that too, but just can't dig up the courage. It looks so good on you! Hope all is well with you and your family!


OMG, the new do is so cute! How did I miss this!?! :-)

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It's a Lensbaby and we are going to get along quite well. I can't believe I waited so long to purchase it.

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