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March 20, 2007


Leah Wright

OOh, never been more excited to see pictures of the Fowler boys! What a beautiful thing you are doing.

Christine Gill

I do hope we can get to see them.
you inspire me, wynona.


Exactly. You are an inspiration.


"For what would we know of love if no one had loved us first?" . . . and "this is how life continues, its delicate patterns interconnected by the filaments of love." p. xi, Ghosting, A Double LIfe, by Jennie Erdal. I thought this quote was appropriate to your concept. Great work - the world needs more people doing important things.

Melissa Davis

Wynona, that is awesome what you are doing! and I love the picture! don't you love Blu contests?!


I couldn't agree with you more. Though I usually just post on flickr I had to come to your blog after seeing your photo. I hope you win..and I really enjoy all your images. Your boys are beautiful..but you already knew that :)


Your ability to find a positive, compelling message - not to mention redefining beauty - is what makes the world a bearable place. Good luck in everything that you do. I'm sure that every person you touch with your pictures, no matter what their predicament in life, will feel a little better.


What a powerful message! It's just fabulous what you are doing....ps....your son is beautiful & you can see how much love you have for him through your images.

Melissa Davis

I think that is awesome Wynona! Really, the world's view of beauty is so wrong, yet too many people get caught up, including me. Awesome of you to do what you are doing!


this is great. i will check back often to see your images. so far i really like what i see! and your reason for doing it. your boys are beautiful.

Daniel G

You are right. I canĀ“t wait to see this project taking form. Nice to find you.

Anna J.

yes, i love photography for the same reason - i love capturing the beautiful in people who never realized just how beautiful they are -LOVE it! Your project is a wonderful one. You'll do an amazing job, i know =)


hi winona. i've just discovered your site and i love your work. your challenging project looks great.. i'm really looking forward to see your images.
cheers from belgium!

Sandy Landon



Have you heard back yet? i'vehad my fingers crossed you would win!!


Thank you all for the lovely comments. I'm glad to have so much support for my project!

Sheila, there was some fiasco with the contest and lost files, so I think it's postponed for a bit.

Christine, yes of course you may see them. The project will be online, and I will personally see that you know where to find them.


amazing!! what a wonderful message. this really touched me and I can't agree more.


You seem like such an amazing person. Beautiful inside and out. Hope to see more posts from you on osp.

vanessa diel

I just ran across your blog from Katie Higginbothom's blog, I may be rooming with her at Skye's workshop in June. I love what you said and how true it is. I believe everyone is beautiful. God made everyone beautiful, all in different ways.

Your son is beautiful and so are you.j

God Bless!


I discovered your blog via flickr - having first been touched by the beauty of your images. I had to leave a comment here because what you have written has such clarity and wisdom. I was amazed to read that you are so young - you clearly have a wise and beautiful soul. I hope that your project goes really well and helps others to appreciate that beauty comes from within people and their interactions with those around them. All the best x


I feel so with you. 15 years ago our daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate. We were unprepared and a bit in shock at first. But she had the most incredible brown eyes and the most lovingly baby smile before her operation. At that time I wasn't the photographer I am now, but back then there was no internet, there were no photos to look at. Just the ones at the hospital. Our daughter has had 7 operations since then and is just beautiful. She is not done yet, still some operations to go, but then again beauty is within isn't it. I'm so glad you are doing this. Wonderful thought. Please have a look at my blogs www.letje.web-log.nl ( also in English) and www.alettedevriesfotografie.web-log.nl , there are some photos of her.
Anyway thanks for sharing your story of your beautiful son.

the Netherlands


Thank you for undertaking this project. My daughter was born with a cleft lip and palette and I had no time to research or prepare. I desperately needed pictures of before and after but they only had sketch line drawings! I think your work is just beautiful and wish I lived in America just for the opportunity to have to take pictures of my children.

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